Automated Plasma Cutting Systems

Automation CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Approx Price: Rs 5.5 Lakh / Set(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set(s)

We offer CNC Plasma Cutter like Cutmaster A40. A60, A80, A120 The Cutmaster A-Series family offers excellent cut quality in a lightweight, economical package. A-Series systems feature the 1Torch, Thermal Dynamics’ premium single-gas, air plasma torch.

Available in 4 models, all A-Series systems feature:

  • 80% duty cycle to handle production cutting in the most demanding environments
  • Lightweight power supply design for ease of mounting and installation
  • A unique valve-in-torch design to reduce cycle time and increase productivity
  • Built in CNC interface connection for Start/Stop and OK-to-move signals
  • An optional interface for divided arc voltage to supply torch height controllers
  • Embedded automation software to improve productivity
  • Automatic torch identification for quick change to a hand torch when desired
  • The reliable and flexible SL 100® SV mechanized torch with 25, ft, 35 ft or 50 ft leads and the standard ATC quick disconnect.

CNC Controller for Plasma and Flame

Approx Price: Rs 7.5 Lakh / Number 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Number

CNC Dedicated to Plasma & Oxy Fuel Cutting

¡ ¡Thin panel mount unit 430 mm x 500 mm x 70 mm (W17” x H20” x D3”) ¡15” Touch Screen ¡Operator panel for plasma, oxy-fuel & auxiliary functions ¡Built-in Wi-Fi ¡3-Axis drive outputs (both analog & step/direction) ¡3 encoder inputs ¡Programmable I/O (16 IN / 20 OUT, active low) ¡Power input 24 VDC ¡Optional integrated torch height control¡Same touch screen, same software ¡Panel mount compared to all-in-one box ¡Sealed, not field repairable unit ¡Can control stepper type direction/step drives ¡Requires a separate servo system except when using motors with built-in servos (option) ¡Requires additional switches and relays except for plasma only machines (w. iHC) ¡20 outputs are grounding type low level signals capable to run DC relays (iCNC XT) ¡Requires 24 VDC power (optional item)

Plasma Cutting Systems Ultra Cut High Precision

Approx Price: Rs 30 Lakh / Piece(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece(s)

We offer Ultra-Cut® High Precision Plasma systems deliver high precision cutting performance on carbon steel AND on non-ferrous materials. For precision mild steel cut performance, select O2 plasma with Air shield. For precision aluminum or stainless steel, select N2 plasma with Water shield to achieve best in class cut performance. Ultra-Cut® systems can also be used for clean, efficient plasma marking without changing consumable parts.


Ultra-cut® systems are available in 3 different system configurations to match customer requirements.


Ultra-Cut® high precision performance is available with an automated gas control option that can be interfaced with the customer’s already installed CNC and torch height control.


The Automated Gas Control configuration utilizes the same gas control components as the Integrated Control package, but instead of the CNC, the TSC 3000 touch screen controller provides the operator with an easy to use control for plasma cut functions. The TSC contains the embedded cut parameter data which reduces operator choices to what material will be cut and whether to select best cut quality or fastest cut speed.

The Automated Gas Control option offers unique advantages:

  • Ease of set-up
  • More consistent cut quality
  • Ease of plasma marking
  • Ability to store and recall cut parameters for repetitive applications
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